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Dr. Sivan on The Better Show

Dental Parlour

Dr. Sivan Finkel appeared on The Better Show this week to help debunk some common medical and dental old wive's tales. One myth Dr. Finkel was asked about was the saying, "gain a child, lose a tooth." As Dr. Finkel explains, while the saying is false, there is some truth behind it -- 40% of pregnant women develop a temporary increase in gum inflammation known as "pregnancy gingivitis." Watch Dr. Finkel's full explanation here:

A 3-cent tooth whitener and 7 other surprising uses for hydrogen peroxide

Dental Parlour

"Instead of unloading serious cash at the drugstore for whitening mouthwash, try three-percent hydrogen peroxide, which you'll find on drugstore shelves for around a dollar a bottle. While this will not whiten your teeth nearly as much as professional treatment, "rinsing with [it] can result in other benefits such as less bacteria buildup, less inflamed gums, and fresher breath,” says Dr. Sivan Finkel, of NYC’s Dental Parlour. "

Read the full article on TODAY Style here:

Are We Brushing Our Teeth Wrong? Dentists Explain

Dental Parlour

"After cleaning all the tooth surfaces, it is extremely important to brush your tongue as well, as we know the tongue harbors the majority of the bacteria in our mouths, says Dr. Sivan Finkel, DMD, who practices aesthetic and general dentistry at New York’s Dental Parlour and is a Clinical Instructor at NYU Aesthetics."

Read the full article on Beauty High here: